Refund Policy

A refund may be requested from Ocean Orthodontics if orthodontic treatment is discontinued or not commenced for any reason. Ocean Orthodontics will refund payments made for work not yet provided.

Refunds can only be processed to the responsible billing party as outlined on the signed consent form.

A refund will be available once the final account to date has been settled and there are no unprocessed payments. Any refund would normally be credited back in the original form of payment except for cash payments which would be refunded by direct debit to a nominated account or by cheque.

In cases of orthodontic treatment transfer to another practitioner a refundable balance can be forwarded to the next treating practitioner as a credit or to the original responsible billing party.

How to request a refund:

Contact Ocean Orthodontics by telephone, email or regular mail. Please note that third parties and credit cards may take some time to show the refund in your account.