Braces for Adults on the Sunshine Coast

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Braces for Adults on the Sunshine Coast

Braces for Adults on the Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast in Southeast Queensland is renowned for many things, but being famous for crooked teeth is something the Gold Coast can keep reign of.

Braces are not only for teenagers, more and more adults are opting for a straighter smile.

There are just some things that adults just shouldn’t have; imaginary friends, bell bottom pants, the term ‘dude’ in their vocabulary and crooked teeth. The first three points are relatively easily rectified, but the last one can be especially difficult.

Many adults in Queensland have misaligned teeth and here at Ocean Orthodontics on the Sunshine Coast, we’re seeing an increasing amount of adult patients with a mouth more similar to a tombstone filled cemetery from the 1700s.

The reasons why some adults never had their teeth straightened when they were younger can vary:

While the genes you have been given are uncontrollable, taking measures to treat a health risk such as crooked teeth is controllable and it is up to you to take measures to correct this issue.

The benefits of straight teeth

The benefits of straight teeth are obvious from a visual perspective. Proven to boost self-esteem, confidence and giving your appearance an overall improvement are all attributed to your smile. Some studies say that a straighter smile can make you look more successful, more attractive, smarter, wealthier and more highly educated – pretty good repertoire for just having straight teeth right?

Well believe it or not, having straight teeth doesn’t just provide aesthetic benefits but health related ones as well. Many diseases are caused by poor oral health, while symptoms of serious disease usually surface in the mouth. Here are some tips as to why straight teeth are so important:

1. Easier to Keep Clean

Crooked or overlapping teeth are more likely to trap food particles. The more food that is trapped; the more food there is available for bacteria to feed on and grow. People with straighter teeth have a better ability to access parts of the teeth that accumulate plaque and tartar.

2. Lower Risk of Disease

Oral bacteria can cause gum disease. These bacteria can penetrate into the bloodstream and damage the lining of blood vessels and brain, which can lead to heart disease and contribute to diabetes.

3. Prevent Tooth Loss

Most adults are likely to lose at least one tooth in their lifetime. Ten percent of individuals between the ages of 50 and 64 have lost all of their teeth largely due to periodontal disease and tooth decay.

4. Healthy Jawbone Structure

Many reasons may attribute to why some people have gaps in their teeth; injury, born with a gap, adult teeth that never came through, gum disease etc. The problem with a missing tooth is that it leaves an area of the jawbone exposed, causing the jawbone to become weak and deteriorate over time.

5. Better Digestion

The first step in the digestion process isn’t when the food enters the stomach. Digestion starts in the mouth when chewing and processing the food you choose to consume. Crooked or misaligned teeth can compromise chewing and when you chew, saliva production increases. Saliva is an important element of digestion because it carries enzymes that help the digestion process by breaking down food.

When teeth are crooked and misaligned, chewing can become a hassle. As a result, food that would normally be processed in the mouth enters the stomach in a more wholesome form which makes it harder for the stomach and intestines to digest.

I’m too old for braces

Life is too short for excuses. Don’t let any predispositions hinder your opportunity at having a fully functional and attractive smile. If you have a problem with the alignment of your teeth, the time to act is now. Ocean Orthodontics Maroochydore is a family friendly practice with a focus on helping adults achieve a smile they deserve.

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