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Spark Aligners— your clear, comfortable and affordable orthodontic treatment

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Your Spark Aligners treatment at Ocean Orthodontics

We offer Spark Aligners on the Sunshine Coast at both of our orthodontic practices located in Warana and Maroochydore.

What are Spark Aligners?

Clear, comfortable, stain resistant, and designed for faster treatment – Spark Aligners are your answer to straight smile on the Sunshine Coast.

Clear aligner treatment has been gaining popularity with adults and teenagers who want to enjoy a straight smile but don’t want to go through months of wearing fixed metal braces. At Ocean Orthodontics in Warana and Maroochydore, we are pleased to offer Spark Aligners, a removable and almost invisible solution to crooked teeth on the Sunshine Coast.

Made from a special material called TrueGEN, Spark Aligners are clear and very comfortable to wear. The material has been specifically created to resist stains, ensuring your treatment is as invisible as possible.

Thanks to Dental Monitoring, Dr Nguyen has revolutionised her treatment approach with remote check-ins in between face-to-face appointments. This reduces the frequency of your visits and offers an effective communication channel directly to your orthodontist to ask questions as needed. With Dental Monitoring and Spark Aligners, your orthodontic treatment truly fits around your lifestyle.

Discover more about Dental Monitoring

How do Spark Aligners work?

Spark Aligners are your clear and removable solution for a straight smile

Your Spark Aligner journey all begins with a consultation with Dr Nguyen at Ocean Orthodontics on the Sunshine Coast. She will assess your case and use our advanced 3D scanner to take images of your teeth in order to plan your treatment. The scanning software can also be used to show you predictions of how your smile will look after treatment – seeing is believing!

Once your case has been planned, your first aligners will be made in the dental laboratory. These will be sent back to us at Ocean Orthodontics ready for your next appointment. This is where we will check the fit of your first clear aligner and explain how to wear and maintain them.

Your Spark Aligners should be worn for 20-22 hours per day, including overnight, and they should be removed for eating and cleaning. Each aligner should be worn in sequence, and you will switch to a new one every two weeks. Dr Nguyen will monitor your progress via the Dental Monitoring app, and at in-practice appointments every two months.

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How can Spark Aligners help you?

Spark Aligners can be used to treat numerous orthodontic concerns, which is why it could be the perfect solution for you…

  • Crowding

    Crowding occurs when you don’t have enough space for all of your teeth to fit. This is sometimes called overcrowding. Your teeth may be rotated or overlap each other.

  • Openbite

    An open bite is when your back teeth are closed and touching, but your front teeth do not touch.

  • Underbite

    Underbite occurs when the lower teeth sit further forward than the upper front teeth.

  • Spacing

    Spacing is what we refer to when you have extra space in your mouth, resulting in gaps between the teeth.

  • Crossbite

    A crossbite is misalignment of the arches, meaning the upper and lower teeth don’t fit together as they should.

  • Overbite

    An overbite is when the upper and lower teeth don’t meet properly. In some cases the teeth protrude outwards, or ‘stick out’.

  • Deepbite

    A deep bite is when upper front teeth excessively overlap the bottom front teeth when back teeth are closed.

Your treatment journey with Spark Aligners

Your journey with Spark Aligners will begin with a free consultation with Dr Nguyen. You will be welcomed by our friendly team and will have the chance to ask plenty of questions and familiarise yourself with our practice.

These models are used to plan your treatment and design your trays. Once your trays are finished, we will show you how to put them in and take care of them.

It will take about two weeks for your teeth to move into alignment with your first tray. At this point, that tray will start to feel slightly looser. Then it is time to move onto the next aligner which will feel much tighter and help move your teeth even further.

You will wear multiple sets of Invisalign® aligners over the course of several months until your teeth are in a healthy and aesthetic alignment. It may take anywhere from three to eighteen months to complete your treatment, but you may see a noticeable difference in your smile in just a few weeks.

We will ask you to come back in to see us once every two months to check on your progress and ensure that your aligners are working well for you.
It is important to wear your Invisalign® trays as instructed for 20 to 22 hours per day. You should only take them out when it is time to clean your teeth or eat a meal. Wearing the aligners consistently is the key to getting results.

Are you convinced yet? Meet our team to discuss how we can straighten your teeth with Spark Aligners.

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Oceans Invisalign package includes...

A free initial consultation with our Orthodontist and Treatment Co-ordinator to check your suitability for Invisalign® and provide a detailed treatment plan.

  • All photographs, impressions and records

  • A care pack with all the recommended hygiene essentials

  • A ClinCheck to show your tooth movement even before you start treatment

  • Retainer care for two years

  • Invisalign trays for your entire treatment

  • Regular 8-week review appointments

  • A fixed and removable retainer

Your Spark Aligner treatment at Ocean Orthodontics

The cost of treatment with Spark Aligners will vary from one patient to another. Each case is unique and the price will be dependent on the complexity of treatment required.

We encourage you to book a free, no-obligation consultation for Spark Aligners treatment so that we can assess your needs and provide an accurate estimation of cost. During this consultation you will meet with our specialist orthodontist, Dr Nguyen, who will evaluate the complexity of your individual case. You will be able to share your smile goals and discuss all aspects of Spark Aligners treatment. Dr Nguyen will provide you with all of your treatment options so that you can make an informed decision about your next steps.

We are pleased offer financing options to help ease the financial burden of your Spark Aligners treatment. You can choose to pay with interest-free payment plans or Denticare payment plans to make the cost more manageable.

Remote treatment monitoring for Spark Aligners

At our Warana practice location, Dr Nguyen offers Dental Monitoring for Spark Aligners treatment. 

Dental Monitoring is a handy app that allows Dr Nguyen remotely check on the progress of your Spark Aligners treatment remotely. During your first aligner appointment, we will show you how to install the app and upload photos of your smile. Dr Nguyen will be able to see your images on her dashboard, and she will send you feedback and advice about which set of aligners to wear next.

The Dental Monitoring app means you will not have to visit Dr Nguyen in person every time she needs to see how your Spark Aligners are working, saving you time. You can even send her a secure message within the app to ask questions about your treatment…Think of it as your direct line to Dr Nguyen!

See Invisalign® in action.

Frequently asked questions about Invisalign®.

How are Invisalign® aligners different from braces?

Invisalign® and braces work a bit differently, but they both aim to achieve the same goal of straightening your teeth. Braces consist of metal brackets that are cemented directly to your teeth and connected by wires and elastic bands. An orthodontist periodically tightens the wires to move your teeth with gentle pressure. Invisalign® aligners are a series of removable, metal-free, plastic trays with no wires or brackets. You will switch to a new set of aligners every two weeks to maintain steady pressure on your teeth.

How much does Invisalign® cost?

Your Invisalign® treatment cost will depend on how complex your case is. The only way to get an estimate is to see us for an in-person consultation. Invisalign® costs the same as regular braces at our practice and we offer plenty of financing options to make your orthodontic treatment as affordable as possible.

Can I eat while wearing Invisalign® aligners?

No. You should take out your aligners before each snack and meal. Eating with your aligners can damage and stain them. Food residue that gets trapped against your teeth beneath the trays can increase your risk of tooth decay.

Do I have to sleep with my aligners in?

Yes. Wearing your aligners for the recommended 22 hours per day means that you will be asleep during some of that time. Your teeth may revert to their original positions if you do not consistently wear your aligners overnight. However, we understand that everyone may forget to wear their aligners overnight from time-to-time. If this happens to you often, just let us know so that we can see if you need any adjustments to your treatment plan.

Does Invisalign® hurt?

All orthodontic procedures cause some degree of discomfort so it is normal to feel a dull ache from time-to-time with Invisalign®, especially whenever you put in a new aligner tray. Invisalign® does not have any sharp metal parts that can cut your mouth or gums.

How long will my treatment take?

That depends on the complexity of your case. Although one of our orthodontists will provide you with an estimate at the beginning of your Invisalign® treatment per your customised plan, we will have to wait and see how your teeth respond. Most Invisalign® cases take about a year while others may take up to a year and a half. If your teeth need only a minor adjustment, then you could see results within three months with the Invisalign® Express treatment plan.

Will anyone notice if I am wearing Invisalign® aligners?

Invisalign® will be our little secret. No one ever has to know that you are having orthodontic treatment since Invisalign® is practically invisible. People might only notice your aligners if you tell them to look closely. To be safe, you can simply remove your Invisalign® aligners for brief sessions when you do not want to risk anyone noticing your orthodontic appliances.

Is Invisalign® treatment right for me?

If you need braces but do not wish to wear traditional metal brackets and wires, then chances are good that Invisalign® is suitable for you. The only way to find out for sure is to schedule an appointment with an Invisalign® dentist in Maroochydore or Warana.

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Our Maroochydore practice is moving! Join us in Warana in the meantime!
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