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What is a specialist orthodontist?

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An orthodontist is a dentist who specialises in straightening teeth.

At our practices in Maroochydore and Warana, we have highly skilled specialist orthodontists who place braces and provide other orthodontic treatment to members of our community.

At our practices in Maroochydore and Warana, we have two highly skilled professionals who place braces and provide other orthodontic treatment to members of our community.

What is a specialist orthodontist?

All orthodontists begin their professional careers as general dentists. They along with other dentists go through the same process of education and clinical training to become qualified dental care providers.

Only a handful of dentists, however, go on to become specialist orthodontists.

Specialist orthodontists pursue additional training and education to become registered as specialists in the field of orthodontics. We are proud to have specialist orthodontists on our team here at Ocean Orthodontics.

What does “orthodontics” mean?

The prefix “ortho-” means “straight” and the root word “-dont” refers to teeth. Orthodontics is the treatment of the teeth and jawbone to correct misalignments. At Ocean Orthodontics, we offer various types of braces and aligners to help you achieve a straighter and more balanced smile.

What it takes to become a
specialist orthodontist.

To practice as a specialist orthodontist in Australia, a dentist must first be registered as a Specialist in Orthodontics with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

Dentists can only become registered specialist orthodontists after meeting the minimum education requirement. 

The education requirements for orthodontists include:

  • Five years of full-time study to obtain a dental degree

  • Two years of clinical experience as a practising dentist

  • Two to three years of in a full-time university program to obtain a Master’s Degree or Clinical Doctorate in Orthodontics

In all, orthodontists spend some ten years working towards their goal of practising in orthodontics.

Most dentists stop their full-time formal education after those first years. Specialist orthodontists, however, pursue additional schooling in order to become truly skilled in practising orthodontics.

This additional education is rigourous and very specific; it is not a supplementary online or weekend course. Orthodontic courses are approved by a regulatory body called the Australian Dental Council and involve direct oversight and critique by experienced clinical instructors.

Why see a specialist orthodontist?

Specialist orthodontists have the advantage of extra education in orthodontics. They also have more experience to draw on and can offer you deeper insights into your orthodontic situation. The result is a more comprehensive treatment plan and improved treatment outcomes. Specialist orthodontists can also offer you a wider range of orthodontic treatments to choose from.

When you choose to have your orthodontic needs cared for by a registered orthodontist, you can relax in the dental chair and trust that you are in good hands.

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