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Unless you have already spent a year or two in braces, then the whole concept of orthodontics is probably a mystery to you.

People often see braces in a negative light without realising just how beneficial orthodontic treatment can be.

Because our team at Ocean Orthodontics believes that education is empowering, we want to share the truth about ten common myths about orthodontics.

10 common myths about orthodontics

If you would like to learn more about the types of braces we offer and which treatment is right for you, schedule a free initial consultation with one of our orthodontists at either our Maroochydore or Warana locations.

  • 1.
    Braces are just for kids

    People of any age can get braces to straighten their teeth. While orthodontic treatment is faster in young people, teeth can be moved at any point in adulthood. Additionally, there are more orthodontic treatment options available for adults to choose from.

  • 2.
    Having crooked teeth is simply a cosmetic concern

    Poor tooth alignment can negatively impact your oral health and quality of living. Getting orthodontic treatment could improve the health of your mouth in addition to boosting your confidence about the way your smile looks.

  • 3.
    Orthodontic treatment is only necessary to fix crooked teeth

    There are some teeth alignment issues that are not immediately noticeable when you smile. While crooked teeth are an obvious problem, there may be other issues with your jaw alignment that could be improved with orthodontic treatment.

  • 4.
    Metal braces will not look good on me

    If you are worried about how metal braces will look, rest assured that they have actually become something of a fashion statement these days. Additionally, there are now multiple discreet treatment options you can choose from if you are not interested in wearing metal braces.

  • 5.
    Orthodontic treatment is too expensive

    Visit any orthodontic practice and you will hear some large numbers quoted. The materials used in braces and the training behind orthodontic treatment do make it a significant investment.

    At Ocean Orthodontics, however, we strive to make orthodontic treatment accessible by helping others manage the cost of braces. We can help you to attain an insurance rebate or set you up with a flexible payment plan or even offer a discount, in qualifying situations.

  • 6.
    Metal braces could set off airport metal detectors

    The materials used in metal braces are too light to trigger any alerts in airport metal detectors.

  • 7.
    Getting braces means I have to give up my favourite foods

    You will only have to avoid certain foods for the duration of your treatment if you get traditional metal braces. If you qualify, you can choose to have your treatment done with an alternative such as Invisalign® clear aligners. These aligners are removable so you can take them out at mealtimes to eat whatever you wish without worrying that you will damage them.

  • 8.
    Orthodontic treatment is inconvenient

    Straightening your teeth does require some commitment on your part, but modern orthodontic techniques have made treatment easier than ever before.

    Here at Ocean Orthodontics, we make treatment convenient in several ways by offering:

    • Family appointments
    • Same-day treatment (if you are approved to begin Invisalign®)
    • 3D imaging and treatment planning with an iTero Scanner at our Maroochydore location
    • Free initial consultations with a specialist orthodontist
    • Remote consultations which allow you to have your teeth checked from the comfort and safety of your home
  • 9.
    It takes years to straighten teeth

    Everyone is different. Some people with minor orthodontic issues can get a straighter smile within just three to six months More complicated cases can take 12 to 18 months. By scheduling a free initial consultation with our specialist orthodontist, you can get an estimate of how long your treatment should take.

  • 10.
    When orthodontic treatment is done my teeth will be straight forever

    This is only partly true. While braces or aligners can make a major difference in your smile, you will still have to wear a retainer to help keep your teeth in their new positions. Your orthodontist will give you personalised instructions on how to maintain a straight smile after your orthodontic treatment is completed.

Ready for your new smile?

We hope that you may have learned something new about orthodontic treatment.

If you would like to learn more about the types of braces we offer and which treatment is right for you, schedule a free initial consultation with one of our experienced doctors at either our Maroochydore or Warana locations.

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