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Little mouths, big smiles - orthodontic care for children

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One of the best ways you can invest in your child’s future is by giving them a beautiful smile.

At Ocean Orthodontics, our team helps parents like you to create beautiful healthy smiles for their children.

We provide a range of gentle orthodontic treatments for children on the Sunshine Coast. InvisalignⓇ First is available here!

Early treatment, smiles for a lifetime

Our Ocean Orthodontics family wants to play a role in safeguarding the future health of children in our community. We believe that early and strategic orthodontic intervention can help your child have a healthy and beautiful smile for life.
Treatment early in life can minimise the total amount of time your child needs to wear braces while maximising the final results.

To give your child’s smile the best and brightest start possible, we recommend that you bring them into our practice by age seven for an orthodontic assessment. 
By this age, we can detect and begin to address issues such as:

Initial consultations at Ocean Orthodontics are always free, so schedule an appointment right away to begin your child’s journey to a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Orthodontic treatments for children at Ocean Orthodontics

Each case requires a unique approach. One of our specialist orthodontists will carefully evaluate your child’s orthodontic needs to determine if and when braces will be necessary. 

If your child needs early orthodontic treatment, then the specialist orthodontist may recommend a dental appliance that helps to create or maintain space in your child’s growing mouth. These appliances can encourage the bone in your child’s jaw to develop evenly so that teeth can be easily straightened out later.
While early orthodontics can help prepare young children for braces, some kids do need to start braces before their teens.

If the orthodontist determines that your child is ready for braces, then we will recommend one of these types of braces for children:

Invisalign® First clear aligners

Invisalign® First is essentially Invisalign® for kids, but it is a little different than the  treatment prescribed to adults and teens. Invisalign® First addresses  orthodontic issues that are unique to growing children who have a mix of adult and baby teeth in their mouths, and can help to prepare children to receive more advanced treatment later on when they reach adolescence. Treatment with Invisalign®  First is ideal for kids aged six to ten years.

Coloured braces

Classic metal brackets and wires that are secured with bright elastic bands are commonly known as 'coloured braces'.

Education is always an integral part of treatment at Ocean Orthodontics. We love to help kids become passionate about taking care of their teeth. We also enjoy empowering you, the parent, with the information you need to ensure that your child’s treatment is a success.

Are you ready to learn more about your child's teeth straightening options?

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A safe environment for your child’s orthodontic care

You want to entrust your child’s orthodontic care to a caring and capable team. Altogether, the Ocean Orthodontics team has several decades of experience in treating children. We understand your concerns and we are ready to exceed your expectations.
We provide a safe, warm and welcoming environment for children. We are taking even more precautions these days in light of the ongoing COVID-19 issue. You and your children will feel safe and relaxed when you visit either our Maroochydore or Warana practices.

Frequently asked questions about braces.

How do I know if my child needs braces?

The only way to know for sure is to bring your child in for a consultation with an experienced doctor. Your first consultation at Ocean Orthodontics is free.

My child says their braces hurt. What should I do?

It is normal for your child to feel some discomfort during the first few days after a braces adjustment. Reassure him or her that this is temporary. Your child’s orthodontist will let you know which pain-relieving medications are safe to give your child. Let your child soothe their sore mouth with an ice block or ice cream and serve them soft foods at meals. 
Contact Ocean Orthodontics for an emergency visit if the pain does not go away. We also offer remote consultations where you can send photos of your child’s mouth and consult the orthodontist for advice.

What foods should my child avoid while wearing braces?

Your child should avoid foods that are sticky, crunchy, hard or high in sugar. Lollies, nuts, chewing gum, jerky, whole apples, licorice, popcorn, caramel and other such items should be off the menu. Your child can still enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables if they are cut up into bite-sized pieces. An Ocean Orthodontics orthodontist can give you a more complete list of foods to avoid during treatment with braces.

Can my child still play sports and musical instruments while wearing braces?

Yes. It may take a while for your child to get used to their orthodontic appliance, but with a little practice, they will be able to play brass and woodwind instruments while wearing their braces. Your child should wear a custom mouthguard to protect their teeth from injury while playing sports.

What if I can’t afford braces for my child?

We want to make orthodontic treatment at Ocean Orthodontics affordable for as many families as possible and we are ready to help you. We will guide you through one of our many flexible financing options.

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Our Maroochydore practice is moving! Join us in Warana in the meantime!
Our Maroochydore practice is moving! Join us in Warana in the meantime!
Our Maroochydore practice is moving! Join us in Warana in the meantime!