Have you ever wondered how braces work?

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Have you ever wondered how braces work?

Have you ever wondered how braces work?

Braces are a great way to straighten your teeth.

When braces are applied to the teeth, they are glued onto the outer surface of the tooth. Once secured in place, these braces form an ‘anchor point’. This anchor point does nothing until there are wires in place for any tooth movement to occur.

The wire has a memory and always wants to go into a nice U archform (the perfect U smile), so when it is placed onto crooked teeth, a light gradual force is placed upon the teeth. This force is generated by the wire attempting to form its original shape. Once the braces and the wire are comfortably in place the orthodontist treatment phases begin.

The First Phase:

The first phase of braces we call levelling and alignment phase. This is the most dramatic phase of orthodontics. “The teeth look straight”, and many patients believe that their braces are ready to come off. However, the best orthodontists know this is not the case.

The Second Phase:

The second phase is all about the bite. We call this the mechanics phase. This is the slow part of orthodontics that often involves the wearing of elastics. Elastics work in a similar way to the braces and wires; however, instead of moving individual teeth, they move the jaw. Cross bites, overbites and underbites are all common among patients and this phase of treatment seeks to ensure that the bite is left perfectly level, strait and at the correct depth.

The Third Phase:

The third phase is detailing; the final tweaks on individual teeth making them absolutely perfect. As everyone’s face and jaw structure is different, the orthodontist must also calibrate the wire towards the end of treatment. This calibration is done by putting in detailed bends in the wire. These bends put pressure on specific teeth in certain directions to ensure each tooth is left in the perfect position. This skill is one of those that separate the average from the best orthodontists.

The Fourth Phase:

The fourth phase (And most exiting phase) is retention. The braces are removed and a full thorough clean of the teeth is conducted. To finish, the teeth are polished and retainers are provided. Teeth move throughout our life. So even if you have braces on at 14yrs of age and they look perfect, At 40 years of age they may not look as good and sadly the rest of your body doesn't either. “It’s an aging process”, but if you wear your retainers for life they will keep your teeth perfect. Wearing them for life is a long time and a lot of people are happy to accept a few imperfections if they don't wear their retainers as recommended.

There are a great many health benefits to having your teeth straightened with braces and that is why we recommend you visit Ocean Orthodontics for any orthodontic work you may need. For more information on our braces treatment, or to book an appointment, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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