Options for Teens

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Options for Teens

Options for Teens

We have a wide range of orthodontic treatments to help teenagers achieve a straight smile

Ocean Orthodontics understands that no two smiles are the same. It is also true to say that no two treatments will be the same for our patients.

It is because of this understanding that we offer a comprehensive range of orthodontic treatments for our teenage patients, helping them to achieve the smile they deserve with the treatment that is suited to them.

For our teenage patients in Mooloolaba, Coolum Beach, Kuluin, Buddina and Maroochydore, as well as the surrounding areas, we can provide the full spectrum of orthodontic treatments with your lifestyle and particular concerns in mind.

The ideal time

While early orthodontic assessment is always advised, normally around the age of seven years old, our patient’s teenage years can be an ideal time to address orthodontic concerns. The teenage years are often an optimal treatment time as the position of your jaw and the structure of your teeth has not yet cemented completely into place, as it will during the progression into adulthood.

Around twenty years old the teeth and bite structure is normally no longer easily malleable and has normally reached the stage of permanent structure. This does not mean that orthodontic treatment cannot correct orthodontic concerns in patients over twenty, it just means that often the treatment may be more complex or extensive.

It is also a desirable time for orthodontic treatment as there is still rapid growth and development occurring across the jawbone and upper and lower arches. While these different elements are developing our orthodontic team can help guide them into the correct positioning.

Experience orthodontic options

We provide a number of different options for our teenage patients wishing to correct their smile. We will consider your particular aesthetic goals and concerns when discussing you orthodontic options. We will take these concerns into consideration while we assess your particular tooth and bite structure, in order to find a treatment that is suitable to meet both.

Traditional Braces

For those who wish to benefit from the most developed and tried-and-tested treatment, then traditional braces could be the best suited treatment for you. Traditional braces utilise stainless steel brackets and wires, or ceramic brackets for more self-conscious patients, in order to efficiently and effectively guide their teeth into place. To learn more this treatment please visit our traditional braces page.

Invisalign Teen

For our highly complainant teenage patients who would prefer a more discreet treatment Invisalign Teen can be a desirable option. Using a series of clear tray-like aligners, Invisalign Teen can gently correct minor crooks or misplacements in your smile. Once we have taken a mould of your smile we can begin to develop the aligner trays, which will normally be changed around every two weeks, or as prescribed by our orthodontic professionals. To learn more about this treatment please visit our Invisalign Teen page.

Incognito Lingual Aligners

The Incognito Lingual Aligners are similar to braces, however the brackets and wire is attached to the back of your teeth instead of the front. By bonding them to the back of you teeth they become completely hidden from view ad they guide your teeth into place. To learn more about this treatment please visit our Incognito Lingual Aligners page.

During your initial consultation our orthodontic professionals will provide you with an individual assessment, taking into consideration the unique concerns of your smile and your particular lifestyle. Once we have done this we can begin to develop a treatment plan that can help you to achieve the smile you deserve. For those in Mooloolaba, Coolum Beach, Kuluin, Buddina and Maroochydore or the surrounding areas, please do not hesitate to visit our team today to start perfecting your smile.

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