Orthodontics FAQs

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Orthodontics FAQs

Orthodontics FAQs

Join us as we tackle some of the most frequently asked questions about the treatments here at Ocean Orthodontics.

FAQs are a great way to educate yourself about treatments that you may need or are considering.

Here at Ocean Orthodontics, we firmly believe that all of our patients on the Sunshine Coast should learn wherever they can. The more you know about orthodontics and other forms of care, the more you are able to understand the procedure and less likely to experience the anxiety that can accompany some treatments.

Naturally, there are some questions that come up more than others and these are the queries that we want to clear up for you in our FAQ page. Whether you are keeping straight teeth or straightening crooked ones, we have rounded up the facts about orthodontic treatment. Remember, should your question not come up somewhere in our FAQ guide, we would love you to get in touch so we can better provide you with an answer.

What Is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a highly specialised arm of dentistry that is concerned with the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of the misalignment of a patient’s teeth and jaws. Orthodontic treatment is characterised by the use of braces, removable appliances or other corrective devices to shift your teeth and jaws into their ideal position. This may also involve changing the actual position of your teeth and modifying the way in which your jaw grows. The fantastic thing about orthodontic treatment is that the benefits are there for whomever so chooses to have it, irrespective of their age. Orthodontics can help you to attain improved dental health as well as making it easier for you to maintain it.

When is the best time to start orthodontic treatment?

Whilst most orthodontic concerns are better treated at an early age, we can improve your smile at any age. Because we all have unique smiles, the recommended treatment age differs from patient to patient and will depend on your particular problem. Dr Vautin recommends that a child’s initial assessment happens at around eight years of age. This age is perfect for identifying concerns early and treating them at the ideal time. This approach of early interception is able to take advantage of facial growth and tooth eruption to reduce the severity of certain problems. It may make any future treatment less complex and time consuming.

Do braces hurt?

With the advances in modern dentistry constantly improving, braces are as simple and easy to wear as they have ever been. Of course, it is totally normal to experience some discomfort after having orthodontic appliances fitted, and perhaps even after that at your adjustment appointments. That said, most of this discomfort is mild and can be easily controlled with non-prescription pain solutions such as Nurofen or Panadol. You may get the impression that your braces are protruding, but after a few days your lips and cheeks will begin to adjust. Applying a small amount of orthodontic wax may help to even further reduce the irritation.

What are removable appliances?

Removable appliances, also known as ‘plates’, are associated with minor tooth movements over a short period of time. They rely heavily on your own ability to follow your orthodontist’s instructions to work as they should. If they are taken out of the mouth for too long or too often then invariably the treatment time will be much longer and the effectiveness of the treatment compromised.

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