Removable Orthodontics for Adults Are Becoming More and More Popular

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Removable Orthodontics for Adults Are Becoming More and More Popular

Removable Orthodontics for Adults Are Becoming More and More Popular

Ocean Orthodontics on the Sunshine Coast offer removable orthodontics for adults to provide the highest quality orthodontic care.

Orthodontics is a highly specialised sector of oral health care that encompasses the improvement of dental aesthetics and function for your teeth, bite and jaw. Orthodontics has been known to provide excellent results and improve not only the dental health of patients but also their quality of life.

We don’t see age as an obstacle to the smile you have always wanted and it’s never too late to start the journey toward having straight and healthy teeth.

Here at Ocean Orthodontics, we make use of the very latest digital imaging technologies and high-quality braces. This ensures our patients are provided with excellent care and treatment.

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a tailor-made orthodontic treatment that makes use of a series of removable aligners. These aligners, over time, will shift the position of your teeth until they are where they need to be. Using the unique and innovative SmartForce technology, Invisalign treatments are virtually invisible to the naked eye. They are designed to straighten your smile with the least amount of fuss.

The reason that these clear aligners are so popular is that of their non-obtrusive and discreet nature that doesn’t get any unwanted attention. They are also easily removable when brushing and eating meals and they won’t encumber your daily schedule.

The Invisalign aligners are almost entirely pain-free and won’t cause you much irritation when you have them in. The fact that they are clear means that there won’t be any wires and brackets getting in the way of you flashing your beautiful smile (they will likely go completely unnoticed when you do). One of the major benefits of removable braces is that you can remove them before meals which means you never have to worry if your lunch has gotten stuck! This also allows you to brush and floss without having to navigate the braces themselves and give your teeth the daily care needed to maintain your oral health.

Invisalign doesn’t use of brackets or wires, so you don’t have to worry about them getting stained either.

How Does Invisalign Work?

Invisalign treatment is gaining huge popularity with adult patients because of their discreet appearance and effectiveness in straightening smiles. Firstly, patients will be required to come in for a consultation where we will determine whether you are a suitable candidate for these aligners. We use high-tech 3D scanning technology to create custom aligners that will last you your entire treatment cycle. This very same 3D technology will also allow us to show you how your teeth will shift and straighten during the course your treatment.

Your clear aligners will be swapped out every two weeks to ensure that your teeth are constantly moving in the desired direction. Treatment can last anywhere between 12 and 24 months but this will depend on the complexity of the treatment and each case is unique in that respect.

Our specialist orthodontist Dr Vautin may even issue you with a number of aligners that would mean a visit to us every six weeks. But again, this is reliant upon you being diligent with wearing them in the interim.

Invisalign from Ocean Orthodontics

Our team of highly qualified and experienced oral healthcare professionals are dedicated to meeting the rigorous standards of modern dentistry in an environment that is comfortable and friendly.

At Ocean Orthodontics, our goal is to give patients care that is both professional and friendly. We use technologies and techniques that are at the forefront of orthodontics and that benefit our patients in the best ways possible. Our team is dedicated to helping our patients achieve the smile that they deserve with an emasculate attention to detail.

To make find out more about Invisalign or to schedule a consultation, contact the team here.

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