Safeguard your Child’s Smile

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Safeguard your Child’s Smile

Safeguard your Child’s Smile

Your child’s baby teeth play a central role in the development of their adult teeth and their dental health

Baby teeth are extremely important in the development of a person’s dental wellbeing and later adult tooth development.

For our patients here at Instyle Orthodontics in Mooloolaba, Coolum Beach, Kuluin, Buddina and Maroochydore, as well as the surrounding areas, we provide gentle and caring dental care for our youngest patients with developing smiles.

Early intervention can help guide a healthy dental future

At Ocean Orthodontics we believe that the most ideal age to bring your child in for an orthodontic assessment is at seven years of age. This is because around the time of seven years of age our team can often gain a sound understanding of your child’s potential future orthodontic needs. Children’s teeth and bite structure is also pliable at this age, thus we can prevent the need for complex orthodontic treatment later by correcting any developing concerns before they advance.

What we look for in your child’s early orthodontic assessment

There are a number of things we will examine in your child’s orthodontic appointment, including:

• The correct and aligned development of the jaw
• The position of the teeth, either baby or adult teeth
• The size of the dental arches
• The positioning of the tongue inside the mouth

All of these factors can contribute the healthy development of your child’s smile.

Treatment options

During this early stage of dental and orthodontic development there are a number of treatments available to safeguard your child’s future smile. These treatments begin with a more mild approach, including simply monitoring the teeth as they erupt and form structure, through to more involved treatment.

These more involved approaches include the prescription of an appliance which can guide the teeth or jaw into the correct positioning for development. All of these approaches can help curb or even eliminate the need for potential tooth extraction later on, as well as help remove the potential need for orthodontic treatment with braces or other devices in the adolescent years.

Eliminating your child’s anxiety about visiting the orthodontist

We take a number of steps to help ensure that your child is relaxed and at ease at Instyle Orthodontics. Many children are nervous about their first dental or orthodontic appointment; however our gentle staff can help to make them feel at home in our fun and welcoming practice. Our orthodontic team will provide individualised care for your child in order to create a partnership with them that can potentially take them through to the development of an aligned and straight smile. For our youngest patients in Mooloolaba, Coolum Beach, Kuluin, Buddina and Maroochydore, and those in the surrounding areas, we can provide convenient location as well as compassionate care.

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