Straight teeth don’t just look good

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Straight teeth don’t just look good

Straight teeth don’t just look good

When you have straight teeth, the benefits don’t end with the aesthetics. Significant health benefits are attributed to having straight teeth.

Ocean Orthodontics on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland is all about straight teeth! No matter how old or what budget you may have, there is an Invisalign orthodontic treatment to suit your lifestyle. Many people do not realize that straight teeth provide much more than just an attractive smile.

Diseases that affect our bodies often show first symptoms through our mouths in many different forms, showing us how closely connected our oral health is to our general health. Straighter teeth improve our appearance and increase the general state of your body and mind.

Self Confidence and Mental Health

As humans, we are naturally drawn to people with more confidence. Studies have shown that people with a straighter set of teeth are generally more confident than those who have crooked or misaligned teeth. 99.7% of adults who were surveyed agreed that an attractive smile is an important social asset and that people with straighter teeth seem more trustworthy and honest.

Having crooked teeth not only portrays the wrong image of who you are but it can limit the extent to which you interact with other people, hindering your self-expression and reducing your confidence.

Feeling confident has many mental health benefits including:

Heightened Level of Self-Worth.

When you feel more confident you feel more confidence in your capabilities which increases how valuable you feel, improving self-esteem and feeling of content.

Increased Happiness & Enjoyment.

When you feel more valued and confident you naturally act and feel happier.

Less Self Doubt.

Doubting yourself is a form of self-torture. When you feel more confident you free yourself of any doubt you hold toward your capabilities and self-worth.

Feel more Empowered.

When you have more confidence you take on challenges more willingly, knowing you are capable of completing or achieving a specific goal.

Freedom from Social Anxiety.

When you feel confident, you’re sure about whom you are, giving you a relaxed approach to social encounters.

Stress Less.

When you are confident, your apprehensions and worries are reduced making your life a whole lot less stressful.

More Energy.

Greet the day looking forward to what lays ahead, with more motivation to take action to achieve your personal goals.

Sleep Better.

Confidence doesn’t keep you up at night worrying about what you cannot control. Improve your quality of sleep when you free yourself from the things that make you feel anxious.

Physical and Overall Health

Have you ever tried cutting a steak with a spoon? Of course you haven’t. That’s because a spoon is not a suitable tool to effectively complete the task. When your teeth are crooked and misaligned, they become a less effective tool to process your food.

Digestion starts in the mouth – not the stomach. Straighter teeth can start the digestion process by processing the food up into a suitable consistency prior to it entering your stomach. If your teeth are unable to effectively process food, the food enters the stomach in a more wholesome form which puts more strain on the stomach for digestion.

Poor digestion can result in excessive gas, bloating, headaches, reflux, fatigue and stomach pains. Swallowing improperly processed food can take the joy out of eating our favorite foods, causing us to miss certain foods or skip meals altogether.

If you have found yourself in any of the predicaments as described above, contact Instyle Orthodontics for a consultation and gain back your Health.

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