What Orthodontic Treatment Is Best for You?

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What Orthodontic Treatment Is Best for You?

What Orthodontic Treatment Is Best for You?

Ocean Orthodontics uses the latest technology available, the latest digital imaging and the highest quality braces.

Here at Ocean Orthodontics our main aim is to give our patients on the Sunshine Coast the highest possible standard of orthodontic care in a professional and friendly environment.

Orthodontics is a specialised area of dentistry that focuses on improving the function of the teeth, jaw and bite. Orthodontic treatment can yield drastically positive changes to your smile and dental health and is available to all ages.

We give our patients their own perfect smiles by maintaining a caring and professional environment with a team always hungry to master new ideas and technologies.

So, which orthodontic treatment is right for you?

Children’s orthodontics

It is of the utmost importance to protect the future of our younger patients by providing them with a detailed analysis of their dental health. In a child’s younger years, their teeth are very pliable during development. Addressing potential issues in a child’s dental health early can be beneficial in curbing future oral conditions. By booking an orthodontic assessment early your child receives great benefits from the orthodontic treatment.

The importance of the assessment is for guiding your child’s adult teeth into position while also discouraging bad dental habits. It may even remove any need for tooth extraction later in the child’s life. It may also create space in your child’s mouth to avoid crowding while also making future orthodontic treatments simpler. We recommend that children come in for an assessment from as young as 9 years old.

By starting early in life, we can maximise your child’s dental health for the future, making any future dental concerns much easier to deal with.

Teenage orthodontics

There is a lot of development during one’s teenage years which makes it an ideal time to address potential dental treatments. During a teenager’s dental development there is rapid growth happening which makes it the right time to have dental treatments done. This is because the dental structure of a teenager is malleable and the tooth structure is not yet cemented in.

The task of straightening teeth during teenage years is made easier by the flexible nature of the teeth themselves, being able to be more easily moved into the correct positions in shorter time. By 20 years of age, the tooth structure is permanent which is why it is always better to come into Ocean Orthodontics earlier to make sure their dental health and structure are on track.

Invisalign uses technologically advanced aligners to straighten your teeth discreetly, as it is virtually invisible. Using the removable aligners at the indicated times will ensure that your smile is on the right track for your beautiful new smile. Our teenage patients can always turn to standard metal braces or our Incognito lingual braces to help straighten their teeth. The Incognito lingual braces place the brackets behind your teeth utilising the conventional ability of traditional braces while remaining nearly invisible.

Adult orthodontics

While addressing our patients’ dental concerns at an early age is more effective, this should not dissuade adults from addressing their own dental concerns. We help patients of all ages with our orthodontic treatments. The main concern for adults is the aesthetic concern of having metal braces in public places or at work which is why we offer a host of nearly invisible options at Ocean Orthodontics. As it is with teenagers, adults can use the Invisalign aligners or the Incognito lingual aligners to help them conceal their treatment process while also straightening their teeth.

Orthodontic treatments are technologically advancing and as a result, the process of treatments have greatly reduced times with greater effectiveness. Orthodontics will also benefit your oral health, improving your overall appearance and dental quality.

Lastly, the reduced amount of time spent on treatments and devices makes for a shortened period of dental improvements. To find out more about our range of orthodontic treatments, or to make an appointment, please click here.

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