Robotic Orthodontics with Suresmile

robotWhat do robots have in common with braces? Robots are used with Suresmile Orthodontic technology to custom-shape orthodontic archwires based on three dimensional (3D) digital images of your teeth!

This little robot is not taking over from Dr Pat, but he is over the moon with the results of Suresmile for their orthodontic treatment.

Ocean Orthodontics have used Suresmile Suresmile 3D 2for a couple of years now. One of Suresmile’s advantages is the orthodontic robotic technology that bends the braces arch wires to within 0.1mm. Now that’s precise! The 3D model of your teeth gives Dr Pat the ability to analyse the bite of the teeth from all angles using virtual simulations. Our orthodontists view the 3D model of your teeth to determine an orthodontic treatment plan.

A series of orthodontic archwires are ordered to their specifications matching the plan. So from the very beginning the wires are moving the teeth toward the finish. Using Suresmile technology, Ocean Orthodontics will gently move your teeth into their planned position. The accuracy of this orthodontic treatment gives faster results with less time in braces.

Suresmile robotic technology

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